• This animal falls under the cat family and has most of its features from the cat. It is also called the Puma, Panther or Cat depending on where it may be found or the place that it inhabits. It is very alike to the cheetah and you may even confuse it for a cheetah.. read more>>

What You Need To Know About the Brazilian Tapir

After reading this article you will know more about the Brazilian Tapir which is commonly known as Lowland Tapir. It’s called Brazilian Tapir because it is found in Brazil.

It is found in the class of mammals which are warm blooded animals. Its physical shape looks like a cat and has various colors including white, black, brown and gray and some times it may even have a mixture of either and you would think it’s from the cat family but not really. It feeds on herbs hence being an herbivorous and therefore disqualifying it from the cat family since cats are carnivorous since they feed on meat and meat products. Except of course the domestic cat which has adapted to eating cooked food which falls in the category of herbivorous hence it is both an herbivorous and carnivorous.

They are mostly found in the tropical areas of Brazil and they like living in areas with wet lands where bots also like. It also knows how to swim hence it can survive very well in land that is wet or even in water bodies. This also disqualifies it from the cat family since most of the cats do not know how to swim and they are even afraid of water themselves.
The lowland Tapir weighs averagely two hundred and fifty kilogram’s and the least weight it can have is one hundred and fifty kilogram’s. They have a life span of about thirty five years and it could be lower than this or even higher depending on the breed of the animal and the various environmental conditions which they are exposed to. Examples of some of the things which might kill this species is may be if there is no more food then it will hard for it to stay till thirty five years of age and also being hunted because they make a good dish for most of the carnivorous animals including the lions and cheetahs.

Other facts may be that it carries its babies in the womb and does not lay eggs and has a gestation period of approximately thirteen months which makes it one year and one month. The Lowland Tapir mostly gives birth to one or two offspring depending; hence it is not so different from human beings when it comes to giving birth. The female Brazilian Tapir is bigger in size compared to the male and the female matures after thirty six months and here is when it is ready to get pregnant and give birth.

The Brazilian Tapir is endangered because it is frequently hunted by the human beings for food and they also domesticate it in some cases. In this case the authorities in the countries in which this animal is found are doing all they can to be able to stop it from being hunted and hence eventually becoming extinct.

The above are some of the general features which the Brazilian Tapir has and with this information everyone needs to help so that it does not become extinct.

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